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DNA - Wallpaper Engine

Are you bored of static generic wallpapers? If so you should really take a look at Wallpaper Engine.This standalone program makes finding, setting and using animated backgrounds straightforward and all within a few left clicks. The one area that sets Wallpaper Engine far ahead of any of the competition is how it has tapped into the Steam Workshop which in turn gives you access to thousands of hand crafted backgrounds.

Overwhelming positive Steam reviews over a long period of time

Until recently I would set a background and it would stay the same for months until I finally got around to finding and setting a new one to be used. Wallpaper Engine not only makes finding new backgrounds simple but has the added benefit of allowing you to create playlists consisting of your favourite backgrounds. You can also set the playlist up so every 30 minutes, an hour etc it will automatically change to another background from your playlist.

Create your own background/wallpaper playlist from the thousands of designs available for free

You have a number of options to choose from including changing to a new background after a set amount of time has passed, at a specific time each day, when a hot key is pressed or even manually. The background designs range from memes, gaming related or even utility such as an animated clock or other information. Chances are whatever your interests you will find a background perfectly suited to your preferences. You can even create and publish your own backgrounds.

Clean user interface, easy to navigate and great value for money

The user interface is well designed, easy to navigate and easy to use. Costing just £2.99 this software is not only great value for money but does exactly what it says on the tin without any additional costs or bugs and is something I regularly recommend to friends and family alike. Even those games which are cult classics struggle to maintain such a positive review score as seen on Steam. It was partly these reviews which prompted me to purchase Wallpaper Engine myself and very quickly I saw that this product deserves every positive review it has accumulated and more.

You can view/buy Wallpaper Engine via Steam for £2.99

An excellent product bringing your desktop/device to life
  • Features
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Value


Overall a smashing piece of software bringing animated desktop backgrounds spanning across hundreds of genres and for free thanks to the use of Steam’s community driven workshop. There is a small performance hit, whilst running Wallpaper Engine and animated backgrounds. How much difference this makes to activities to gaming depends on a lot of factors but medium to high end builds should have no problem playing games and keeping it open. There are built in pause options which can help alleviate these potential issues. A solid product which costs just £2.99 and is a program I intend on using regularly for years to come. I highly recommend this product to all.


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