Dota Underlords – A brief overview

Anti Mage and Tiny - Dota Underlords

If you’ve been following gaming news lately, then you have likely heard about Valve’s latest game, Dota Underlords. Dota Underlords is a free to play autobattler, set in the Dota universe and based on the ultra popular autochess Dota mod. Riot games have also followed suit with Teamfight Tactics. It was released on 20th June 2019 in open beta, available to anyone across PC, Android and iOS.

Valve releases standalone version of the ultra popular autochess Dota 2 mod

The aim of the game is to select and place units which can in turn be upgraded. As each round passes, whoever won gets bonus gold and in loot rounds, items. The concept is pretty cool and the game easy to pick up. That said, I found the late game to be repetitive and too drawn out for my liking. There are rumors that a turbo mode is currently in the works, which is just what Dota Underlords needs.

I hate to bring up Artifact, but I feel it is only right considering the similarities between the two. Both are set in the same universe and both require you to make risk/reward decisions, even if the gameplay is slightly different.

Artifact launched to incredible levels of hype, only to fall from grace and hard. Once the initial outrage over the pay to win and RNG mechanics surfaced, Valve went totally dark for months. They barely acknowledged just how pissed off gamers were and rightly so.

Yes Dota Underlords is a f2p game, but many paid for Artifact and once the playerbase turned, Valve jumped ship and likely started shifting resources into Underlords. I have no evidence to back this up, but considering Artifact has had virtually no meaningful updates, or even communication from the devs, it is a reasonable conclusion.

Dota Underlords likely took resources from Artifact once it was obvious the game was going under

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