Claim your free copy of Destiny 2 today

Destiny 2 Official Artwork

After what was possibly the biggest gaming failure of 2018, Activision/Bungie are literally giving Destiny 2 away for free. It should be noted that the giveaway only includes the base game and you will need to get your wallet out to stay up to date with the various DLC’s that have been released.

Destiny 2 got FPS bit right, the gunplay is smooth, the movement system is fluid and the graphics spot on. So where did they go wrong? The problem with Destiny 2 wasn’t the gun play but instead the MMORPG side. Bungie didn’t do themselves any favours implementing secret XP systems, locking players out of content they already paid for and literally breaking PVP after adding the Prometheus Lens into the game.

If you want to check what Destiny 2 has to offer you have until 18th November to claim your free copy on BattleNet. You will need to have SMS based two factor authentication active to be eligible for this offer. I imagine Bungie want to draw gamers in hoping they will pay to have the latest content/DLC.

You can claim your free copy of Destiny 2 here


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