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XQC and Defran appear to be quitting Overwatch

Two of the most well known Overwatch streamers XQC and Defran both made tweets pointing towards both streamers will be giving up playing Overwatch. The community as a whole has been highly critical regarding the direction Overwatch has been taking. Brigitte in one light was a good thing for OW, providing a true counter to dive compositions but also brought with it more stuns.

Recently GOATS comp which consists of 3 tanks and 3 supports has risen. When it first appeared it was something new, but quickly became annoying and boring. Clearly there is a serious problem with Overwatch, when some of your most loyal players are throwing in the towel. Doomfist is another hero which annoys many players. He got some buffs and quickly became a serious annoyance to players, especially in solo queue where communication is lacking in most games.

BlizzCon brought Overwatch fans a new hero named Ashe, who is currently available to play on the PTR. We also got news that the devs over at Blizzard have 6 new heros in the works.

With events becoming stale, and the general consensus that ranked needs some serious changes to become a true competitive mode. Overwatch fans are becoming divided, and high profile players leaving could spark a worrying trend.

UPDATE 9/11/2018 10.00am
Defran makes another tweet saying sorry for his tweet leading many to believe he will be quitting Overwatch. He says it wasn’t “jebait” but the wording of his tweet, leads us to believe he is struggling with some mental health issues.

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