Warframe’s Fortuna Update brings hoverboards, kitguns and more

K Drive - Fortuna Update Warframe

Warframe is just about to get another huge update, which I’m pleased to say has become a staple of the Digital Extremes studio. Fortuna brings a whole host of new activities, some of which may surprise you. Build and customise your own kitgun to fit your individual needs. Ride and modify K boards to increase max speed, boost and more. A perfect way to traverse across the mountainous terrain of Vallis.

Not the fighting type, well how about a bit of wildlife conservation? The Corpus are devouring the local wildlife for their Feed and Research division. Track, tranquillise and bring these animals to safety for the business.

If action is what your after, then the secret Corpus research facility will no doubt provide what you’re looking for. Plenty of new bases to explore, and of course new bounties and missions to complete.Just like with kitguns you can also make your own MOA companion suited to your specific needs.

The Fortuna update aims to give players the ultimate power in creating and customising items, perfectly suited to their needs. If the information we have now lives up to the hype, this update spells good things for the future of Warframe.

Kitgun-Build Fortuna Update WarframeThis is just the surface of what’s coming in the Fortuna update. Read the official update post listing everything Warframe players have coming. This update should be hitting the lives servers next week sometime.


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