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Masters of the Sea Update – War Thunder

Last week saw the release of the Masters at Sea update for free to play game War Thunder. Naval battles have been in closed testing for quite some time but have at last reached the live servers for everyone to play.

Gameplay brings a mix of slow paced positioning and fast moving intense gunfights

The gameplay brings a mix of slow paced positioning and fast moving. intense gunfights. The starter ships are all fast and agile. Their armaments are fairly weak, usually consisting of a couple of 50 calibre machine guns. However, most also have torpedo’s which will prove devastating to any ship that finds itself in their path. Personally. I chose to grind out the American ship line which was very lacklustre at first but later proved a good choice once I unlocked ships, such as 80ft Nasty and 165ft PC-451.

The presence of depth charges would point towards submarines being added at some point later on. How well this would fit into the current gameplay is hard to judge, and my guess would be balancing both above and below water will be difficult to say the least.

Game modes are very similar to that already seen in the War Thunder Ground Forces mode. You have 1 or 3 capture points. Whichever team holds more slowly bleeds the enemy team of tickets. Once a team runs out of tickets the game ends and one team is crowned as the winner.

Attention to detail on ships is impressive but the water seems unnatural in its movement

The graphics live up to what we have come to expect from the War Thunder series. Attention to detail on ships is excellent and can be customised with decals unlocked through playing or with golden eagles. The water, although pretty enough does at other times appear to look and move in a slightly unnatural motion.

I have been awaiting War Thunder’s navel combat addition and I am pleased to say it more than lived up to expectation. Yes it is a little rough around the edges but offers the same depth as War Thunder’s other modes. I’m sure with time we will see more ships and of course more maps added in due course.

Follow this link to play War Thunder and grab your own ship. Adventure lies ahead Captain

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