Diablo Mobile Game announcement at BlizzCon angers fans

Diablo Church

With BlizzCon underway, fans have been angered after anticipating the announcement of Diablo 4 or at least a remastered edition. Instead Blizzard announced a new Diablo mobile game, which fans are calling a slap in the face. I find it hard to believe that a company with so much experience in gaming, wouldn’t know that this announcement was a bad idea. The fanbase made it clear what they wanted and Blizzard seemed to ignore this. If you add on the high chance of extortionate micro-transactions being present, fans have even more reason to be angered.

Diablo is a franchise that has a hardcore veteran fan base which have high expectations from the series and rightly so.

The Diablo subreddit is currently ablaze with anger.  Their is a post which currently has 23 thousand upvotes saying “This is worse than nothing, Blizzard knew what the community wants for years now, but they just spit in our faces. “

Mobile games are notorious for being nothing more than cash cows with micro-transactions crammed into every nook and cranny.

The like to dislike ratio on the YouTube trailer show the feelings of Diablo fans around the world. It currently has 271 thousand dislikes and just 10 thousand likes. The top comment on the video sums things up not just regarding Diablo but numerous other gaming franchises.

Nixxiom comments on YouTube “So many things to be excited about at BlizzCon. Classic WoW, WC3 Reforged, new content for HS, HotS, and even some cool tech announcements regarding SC2. And then this? Talk about a sour bite. Mobile games are not the future of gaming. Yes, there is a market, but hardcore gamers do not want to see their favourite titles turned into phone-based button mashers. This was a terrible decision on Blizzard’s part. No idea what they were thinking.”

This is a major PR fail and Blizzard is going to struggle to win back fans trust anytime soon.

Blizzard need to get out ahead of this and state what their intentions are regarding the Diablo series. Are fans going to get a Diablo 4, a remastered edition or nothing at all in the PC sphere. Honesty really is the best policy going forward in this situation. Fans are not going to be happy until they know what is actually going on regarding the future of Diablo.


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