World War 3 Early Access Launch Issues

World War 3 Garage Battle - Farm 51

The highly anticipated game World War 3 by Polish studio Farm51, ran into a number of issues at the start of its early access launch date. This game has been touted as the new, more tactical Battlefield. With the right support and development path it could quite possibly do just that.

After numerous patches many players were still unable to play World War 3

The early access launch was originally meant to start on Friday 19th October, but backers were unable to access the game. After numerous patches, at least part of the playerbase were able to join the game but many were still left out in the cold.

Farm51 have apologized for the disastrous start with posts on both Twitter and Steam.

“That’s why we ask you to hear our rallying cry and stay by our side! We’ll not let you down since World War 3 is being made for both – us and you alike. We need this additional time to make sure we’ll give you your money’s worth and be able to look you in the eye and say „Enjoy the game” with no hesitation whatsoever. “ View the full post on Steam here

The support from those who have purchased World War 3 in early access is overwhelmingly supportive.

There are of course people who are not happy with the current issues. However from what we have seen on social media, the majority of early access players are being overwhelmingly supportive of Farm51.

This is an early access title and not from a large studio, with large teams dedicated to ensuring a smooth launch. The entire studio consists of just 90 employees. I imagine that the massive influx of players jumping on this early access title, only compounded problems.
My advice would be to hold of a little while if you haven’t already purchased this game. I personally have high hopes for this title, so definitely stay tuned and wait for the major issues to be fixed before making your purchase.


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