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World of Tanks address key areas for change in 2019 roadmap

World of Tanks is an amazing game with a high skill cap and plenty of depth. The issues lay in the freemium business model. You can purchase premium tanks, accounts and at the very worst premium ammo. Firing premium ammo gives you a clear advantage if your willing to pay more credits with no real downside.

QuickyBaby a World of Tanks YouTuber recently made a video relating to the decline in players, followed up by a solutions video. Very soon after this video WarGaming laid out their 2019 roadmap which bears lots of similarities.

Power creep is a very real issue when combined with premium (gold) ammunition

As with most multiplayer games that receive regular updates power creep is a very real issue. It isn’t uncommon to face off against tanks which you can only penetrate head on using premium ammo. Yes getting a better position could negate this but in the heat of battle this isn’t always possible.

During the next year WarGaming plan to find solutions to long term persisting issues. The tank power creep, has seen armour getting thicker and more angled with time making penetrating very difficult verging on impossible at times.. The issue is there are certain tanks which even with hard hitting guns that won’t leave a scratch if you don’t fire gold aka premium ammo. Positioning and knowledge can negate this, but this is often not always possible. Instead of just nerfing gold ammo 10% across the board, it will be adjusted on a tank by tank basis. The aim is to give players more meaningful choices instead of premium ammo = more pen but same damage potential.

Being bottom tier for consecutive runs is not fun and tier VI and VII are effected more

The matchmaker is a long term issue that has changed a little here and there, but still persists as a problem. I have personally experienced these issues, being bottom tier game in game out. The previous changes solved the arty issue by limiting how many can be in each game. The current matchmaker often effects tier VI (6) and VIII (8) worse than other tiers. Being bottom tier 4 games in a row often never feels good.

This isn’t the full list clans are being made more accessible. These changes won’t be here next week or even next month. This is clearly a roadmap for 2019 but very sensible changes. Changes which I think the playerbase will be happy to hear about.

Here are some other changes to expect in 2019:
• Revamped Premium Account
• Vehicle rebalancing
• Swedish Medium tanks
• Frontline
• & more
Read the full 2019 WoT roadmap here

I am super excited about all of these changes. I really hope some of the more severe and persisting issues can be solved.

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