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Wild Frontier Season 1 Battle Pass and Octane come to Apex Legends

The first battle pass will drop on Apex Legends today. Named the Wild Frontier: Season 1 drops today @ 5pm UK time/10am Pacific time. Featuring 100 levels to earn and giving one reward for each level earned. Fans have voiced their opinions regarding the lack of real content within the battle pass. Too many banner frames and stat trackers instead of quality cosmetics.

It isn’t hard to notice how similar this business model is, to that seen over on Fortnite. You get a couple of rewards simply for making the purchase, but you will have to put in some work, in order to get the first evolving cosmetic. A legend tier weapon skin, for the Havoc energy rifle. As you rack up kills the skin evolves to look different. I feel this feature is being rushed out the door, as fast as possible and should perhaps have waited a little longer. We will have to wait and see what the future brings players of Apex Legends. Personally I’m not usually a battle royale fan but something in Apex grabbed my attention. I would be lying if I said its connection to EA didn’t make me wary of micro-transactions.

The first addition to the base legend pool will also be coming with the release of the already leaked Octane a metal legged adrenaline junkie with the ability to trade health for a short boost of speed. His passive is health regeneration when not under fire. Octane already sounds like he will be hard to pin down in combat. I think he is going to be a handful in the right hands. His ultimate is a deployable launch pad which I am interested to see how players use this ultimate. You will be able to unlock Octane using Legend tokens or 750 Apex Coins. You do not need to purchase the battle pass to use him.

You can see the Wild Frontier battle pass announcement here

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