Warframe Player Counts spells success for latest update Fortuna

Warframe Fortuna Player Counts 131k

Warframe’s latest update Fortuna went live just last week and appears to be a massive success. Player counts on those playing the game via Steam are a whopping 131,766 concurrent players. It should also be noted that this number is likely even higher as Warframe has its own launcher which isn’t included in these numbers. Check out the Steam player counts for Warframe here

Warframe Player Counts on Steam after Fortuna ReleaseConsidering when this game launched it wasn’t doing too well, and it took numerous updates to bring this game back from the brink of disaster. Not only is Warframe one of the best free to play games out there. It is also quite possibly the very best loot shooter period, which easily surpasses Destiny 2 in my honest opinion.

I returned to Warframe to play the Fortuna update, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time. There was masses of content before this latest update to play through. Fortuna adds more for you to enjoy.

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