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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Valve makes Counter Strike Global Offensive free to play out of the blue

Some say there surprised it didn’t happen sooner, and others can’t believe Valve actually went ahead, and made Counter Strike Global Offensive completely free to play. Earlier in the year offline modes were made free, signalling that going free to play was likely on the cards down the line.

CSGO micro transactions a license to print money thus going free to play is a noble move

Being that CSGO has a lucrative loot crate system from a business standpoint CSGO can operate without an initial purchase price. Although the trend of loot crate opening videos have declined, chances are this micro-transaction system is still a license to print money.

For those who don’t have disposable income for gaming this is the ideal situation.

For those who don’t have disposable income for gaming this is the ideal situation. At least if hyper competitive first person shooters are your cup of tea. There is however a downside, one which CSGO has been battling for years. Cheating in CSGO is a big problem with websites selling regularly updated hacks. Pretty much every game deals with them to some degree. Whenever Counter Strike goes on sale cheaters would snag additional copies, in preparation for the potential incoming VAC Ban. How Valve monitor and clamp down on this issue, will play a huge part in the success of going free to play.

In addition to the base game going free to play Danger Zone a new battle royale game mode has been released. I have to say I am surprised that Counter Strike of all games would jump on the battle royale trend. It will be interesting to see how Danger Zone performs in a crowded genre with PUBG, Fortnite and even Call of Duty’s Blackout joining now joining the party.

Leaving the cheating issue aside this is a good thing for gaming and gamers around the world. A noble act and one which I would like to see more often within the gaming industry. You can find out more about the Danger Zone update/game mode here

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