Valve faces backlash over only way to get new cards is by paying

Artifact Game with cards on the board

With Artifact’s open beta going live tomorrow, the last thing Valve needed was community outcry. The Artifact subreddit is filled with dissatisfaction regarding the micro-transactions model laid out. The base game will cost you £15.99 and comes with a starter deck and 10 card packs. The problem lies in acquiring more cards outside the starter pack. If you want to expand your collection, you can buy packs for $2 (waiting to see UK price for card packs), turn to the Steam marketplace or play game modes which require you to buy tickets to enter.

Want more cards in Artifact well it’s going to cost you $2 per pack or you can turn to the Steam marketplace

I have to agree with the communities worries regarding Artifact. If you look at Hearthstone, yes you can buy card packs but you can also earn these simply by playing the game. There are no game modes that require buying a ticket, or no real money marketplace. I feel Valve may have got a little overconfident in their ability to apply micro-transactions within Artifact.

Reddit user Ac3Zer0 says
Vote with your wallet, if you hate what valve are doing with Artifact and how it’s monetized. Do NOT buy the game, wait until change their stance. If you pre-ordered it you can still refund, there’s still time. If anything, a cancelled pre-ordered speaks even louder to the discontent of the community.
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Another user by the name filipanton says
Everyone on the Artifact sub is shitting on the horrible monetization. The game is basically forcing you to spend lots of money if you even want to compete.
In games like HS you can at least earn packs by playing the game, in Artifact EVERYTHING costs money.
What do you think?

So close to launch this is not good PR and Valve need to seriously address these concerns. Although unlikely, I personally think they may need to reel in the micro-transactions to not appear so greedy.


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