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The FIX PUBG is making real progress on bugs, performance and matchmaking

Taeseok Jang, the Executive Producer for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, has posted regarding the FIX PUBG campaign. The original 100 known bugs that the campaign started with have now all been fixed. He does come across as quite humble, acknowledging that to have such a large list of bugs to begin with wasn’t exactly great. With early access becoming a meaningless title I will always give praise to developers who stick with it and iron out any issues.

The original 100 bugs to be worked upon when FIX PUBG launched has now all been fixed

We began the FIX PUBG campaign with 100 bugs and QOL improvements to tackle and everything in this category has been completed. I don’t say this to ask for praise, rather we are disappointed that this list was 100 items in the first place.

From a developer’s perspective, bugs are elements that occur continuously at any time, but we understand that anything that affects your gameplay takes away from the fun you have with our game. We have put more of an emphasis on the QA process for our builds and are planning to secure even more resources for a smoother QA process.

A new system which makes it easier for players to submit bugs is on the way, which will no doubt help the game in the long run. Of course any reported bugs will need to be fixed in a timely manner for this system to really make a difference.

Not long ago PUBG released some changes regarding matchmaking, ping and region locking. The aim was to stop high ping players abusing the matchmaker, to gain an advantage. This didn’t exactly go smoothly and changes were made pretty soon after they went live. Jang outlines the aims of matchmaking moving forward.

Provide a stable gaming environment by matching players with similar Ping.
• Provide a fair gaming environment by matching users with a similar skill level (in relation to MMR, not Rank).
• Set-up for players using the same language to be placed on the same team.
• Ensure large-scale play with 100 players to maximize the fun of the Battle Royale experience.
• Minimize wait times as best as possible while fulfilling the above requirements.

Performance was quite possibly one of the biggest issues players had with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Performance could often be the difference between winning or losing a game. Although work on performance didn’t result in a general FPS increase, they did however manage to increase performance for these specific situations. Hopefully they can increase frames across the board because every PC game should be able to provide a consistent 60fps as a bare minimum.Frame rate increase chart

During this campaign, one of our key goals was optimization, with the main focus on delivering a smooth and seamless gaming experience, especially in certain gameplay situations that could greatly affect your chances of winning/losing (such as early battles after parachute landings, close combat in the last Blue zone, etc.). While the overall game-wide optimizations, such as increasing normal frames, were minimal, the performance optimization for specific situations as mentioned above was quite impactful. We have analyzed the effects of our performance improvements on frame rate by using level benchmark profiling, and as the chart shows, FPS has increased in November’s build when compared to July.

You can read the full post from Taeseok Jang here

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