Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds New Anti Cheat Policy will soon ban your hardware permanently

PUBG Permanent System Bans

As we discussed last week amidst the PUBG region locking drama, a new anti cheat system was in the works. At the time we had very little information, today we bring you the full scoop on what’s coming regarding anti cheat measures.

System targeted bans, a truly permanent solution to those caught cheating in PUBG

The new policy takes permanent bans to a totally new level, instead of simply banning your account the new policy will see system targeted bans. This will put a stop to those who stock up on copies of games while on sale, and then just switch to a new account when hit with the ban hammer.

With very little progression in battle royale games, there is little reason for cheaters to be worried about losing an account. The only impact in that case is the cost of new copies. I back Bluehole 100% regarding their new approach to cheating. In fact, I would go a step further. I think all games should operate a policy along these lines. Gaming studios should cooperate to implement this across all games, bringing the fight to those who cheat across the board.

If you are cheating in PUBG at present you would be well advised to stop now or risk a true permanent ban, where a new copy will do you no good.

The PUBG permanent system ban policy comes into effect on PC 10th November

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds new anti cheat policy will be coming to the game on 10th November. This policy will be applied to PC users, however, it is unclear whether this policy will be rolled out on console too at some point. Your account will still be permanently banned if caught cheating over on console. Whether a console targeted perma ban is coming or not, is yet to be addressed. We can all but hope.

The only thing that could affect this new approach to cheating is how consistent it is at detecting cheaters in the first place. If they get this right, combined with the system ban Bluehole could be onto a real winner in the war against cheaters in gaming.

You can read the full notes on the system bans here. The site is Korean so you will need to translate the page if an English only reader.


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