Play the Classic WoW Demo at BlizzCon on 2nd November

Classic WoW Demo at BlizzCon

With BlizzCon just around the corner, WoW fans are understandably hyped about getting to play the classic version for the first time.. It took a long time and plenty of effort to get to this point. It literally took petitions, unofficial servers, forced take downs of classic servers and outright anger towards Blizzard to see action.

BlizzCon attendees and those with a virtual ticket will have access to the demo

Players attending BlizzCon and those at home with a virtual ticket, will all be able to jump into classic WoW. Alliance players will get to go back to Westfall, and Horde to the iconic Barrens. Everyone will start at level 15 with a cap of 19. The devs chose to start players at level 15, so they get to use/see the talent system, which was something not available at level 1. You won’t be able to enter Wailing Carverns or Deadmines dungeons. PVP will also be limited to duelling only for the demo.

“From the beginning of this project, the team’s mission has been to be as faithful as possible to World of Warcraft as it existed back in 2005 and 2006, before Cataclysm altered the world as we knew it—and we wanted to make sure the demo we built for the show was a clear reflection of that. The focus of the demo is on outdoor questing, and we’ve selected two iconic zones that most original WoW players will no doubt be familiar with—Barrens for the Horde and Westfall for the Alliance—so you can step back in time and experience these zones as they were originally designed. You’ll be able to search for Mankrik’s wife, curse at Ornery Plainstriders for not having beaks, and make a group to kill Defias Pillagers in Moonbrook. You might even get to improvise a new rotation against the Harvest Golems in Farmer Saldean’s farm, since in this era, mechanical creatures may be immune to some of your abilities. We brought all of that back, and we’re as excited about it as you are.” Read the full post here

Players will be on a time limit whilst playing the Classic WoW Demo

Players will be restricted to a set amount of time in order to give everyone a chance to check classic World of Warcraft out. No specific time limit has currently been announced. This time limit may be lifted, if the servers are able to cope whilst not missing anyone with access out. Don’t worry about your progress if you get hands on a second time, your character progress will be saved.

It does appear from Blizzard’s Dev Watercooler post that they are working to bring you a classic World of Warcraft demo without bugs, that works with newer graphics card and modern anti cheat measures.

I’m pretty sure this news is going to have old school fans of the MMORPG sitting out the edge of their seats waiting to see an official version of classic WoW. Not long now people BlizzCon starts 2nd November 2018.


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