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Plains of Eidolon gets total overhaul including new enemies and activities

Plains of Eidolon is Warframe’s first open world area expansion, and still plays a vital part in the games progression. Even once you’ve earned to top titles in you’ll be coming back to craft amps, farm Riven transmuters and more. This latest overhaul makes all the difference to the experience your having. Everything now feels to be shrouded in atmosphere. The plains are more alive and mystyical than ever. As if Vomvalyst’s and the giant Eidolons floating around, wasn’t mystical enough.

Plains of Eidolon gets total graphical overhaul, new enemies, animal conservation & more

This update isn’t all graphical updates with the addition of new mechanical Grineer enemies, named the Tusk Thumpers. This new enemies is tough to take down but drops a nice blanket of materials and resources if you and your fellow Tenno manage to do so. They come in 3 different flavours vanilla, bull and doma. Just as seen in Fortuna and the Orb Vallis animal conservation and echo lures have been included for Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon. Outside of earning some Floof’s to decorate your Orbiter with I don’t know how much use this will get over on earth. I’m always open to new ideas so we will have to wait and see how things pan out.

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I’m a big fan of Warframe for numerous reasons but most of all because of Digital Extremes, the studio behind the game. They have stayed true to the players, releasing substantial and consistent content updates, and maintained a fair and tradeable premium currency. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Blizzard or Activision revamp legacy content without a direct monetary incentive nor with the passion seen in this latest update for Warframe.

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You can read the full patch notes for PC here. This overhaul is yet to release on the console version of the game but will be coming in the near future.

You can create your free Warframe account here and begin playing today

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