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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Overwatch’s Halloween Seasonal Event just around the corner

With Halloween just around the corner Overwatch players get another chance to face off against the evil Doctor Junkenstein. The event will start October 9th and run until the 31st. From the little information we currently have, it looks like Blizzard is bringing a new design to this years Junkenstein’s revenge.

New Co-Op content coming with this years Halloween event

The official Overwatch Twitter account posted this short clip hinting that it isn’t going to be the same old co-op mode from last year but something new.

Last year saw you battling waves of robot zombies with mini boss fights thrown in to spice things up. Although I didn’t play countless rounds in the co-op mode, I did meet some great players along the way, which made it all the more memorable.

Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock the latest season themed skins

As with any seasonal event we can expect a selection of scary hero skins, sprays and voice lines. I remember last Halloween event, I missed out on unlocking that awesome McCree skin due to being away from home. Personally I would like a Soldier 76 or Reaper skin. Which heroes would you like to see getting a scary skin?

On a more serious note, various YouTubers and figures in the Overwatch community have raised concerns around having the same seasonal events year in, year out. Granted, we do not know what this event will have content wise, but it would be an ideal time for Blizzard to show the playerbase they are listening to these concerns.

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