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How to get a Valorant Closed Beta key

Valorant is RIOT games latest gaming IP, blending Counter Strikes precise and in depth gunplay and maps, with abilities very similar to those seen in Overwatch, but also a whole host of MOBA’s including RIOTs very own League of Legends. Valorant isn’t currently finished and is instead running a closed beta, but gaining access has a rather unique twist.

Unlike most closed betas, in order to gain access you need to link your Twitch account with a new or existing RIOT games account. Once you have done this you will need to watch Valorant streams on Twitch. Only those listed as having key drops enabled are valid for the purposes of getting a beta key .You can view more information about how to get a beta key here.

This is definitely a unique approach to dealing with beta access keys. Many have been left frustrated eagerly awaiting getting a key drop of their own. Given that we do not know how many people RIOT intends on letting in, we have no way of assessing what the realistic chances are getting a key.

Anyone who has been watching the Valorant story will tell you Twitch has seen a massive jump in drop enabled streams with thousands upon thousands hoping to get a key. On the surface the stats look enticing but when you look under the hood you will no doubt see large portions of this traffic is users leaving a stream running while going afk in the hopes this extra view time will increase their chances of getting one for themselves.

All in all it took me around 10-15 hours of running streams afk. Gamers report vastly different time frames to get a key

I hold my hands up. This is exactly what I did to get a copy, but not religiously. I got my key 3 days after starting my attempts. Nor did I leave tabs open all day every day. In all it was likely 10-15 hours worth of having a Valorant Twitch stream open.

It is important to note that this game is still in a closed beta. In my opinion Valorant really needs to work on setting itself apart from both Counter Strike, Overwatch and the countless other MOBA’s/hero shooters it shares similarities with. If he doesn’t, I simply see it being drowned in the future, as new competition arises. Counter Strike is aging and although much loved I think it is time something new took the top spot. As great a game as CSGO is, it is beginning to show its age both in graphics but also gunplay and mechanics to some extent.

I honestly don’t think I can say for sure if Valorant will take over a large share of gaming or not just yet. It certainly stands a chance, but only with a full release and time to see if players stick around or not will truly give us the answers we are looking for.

You can sign up and enter the beta key giveaway here

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