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Epic Games announce 88/12 revenue split for developers for new games marketplace

If your a developer looking to increase your profits, the Epic Games store could well be a good alternative to Valve’s Steam. After Steam’s recent announcement regarding revenue splits, Epic Games looks to one up Valve. When the Epic games marketplace goes live developers will see an 88/12 split, Epic Games have even go a step further, waiving any royalties attached to the use of the Unreal engine with their marketplace.

88/12 revenue split and royalties waived for use of the Unreal engine when selling on Epic Games digital platform

Developers who have games built on other engines also stand to benefit from this as all engines are welcome.. This new marketplace is likely a move to capitalize on the huge Fortnite playerbase. If Epic can launch a successful marketplace, pull in enough high quality titles and paying customers, they could become a real contender in digital game sales.

Nobody expected Fortnite would grow into what we see today and thus their latest project could well become a true contender. With good marketing, competitive revenue splits, utilizing their current playerbase and this latest venture could spell another success for Epic.

Revenue Split Bar Graph showing earnings across various platformsWhen launched Epic Games have said the store will operate on the following principles:

• All Developers Earn 88%
• Have a Direct Relationship With Players
• Connect with Creators
• Developers Control Their Game Pages
• All Engines Are Welcome
• When You Succeed, We Succeed

You can read more about these principles and the Epic Games store here

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