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Does Overwatch’s competitive come down to a coin toss?

It isn’t any secret that Overwatch’s competitive mode is having some issues. Many feel that they have little control over the outcome of ranked games. The match maker is far from perfect and although looking for group was added as a feature, it wasn’t an instant fix. Higher ranks find that the LFG tool simply doesn’t have enough players using it, and without an incentive too this will likely continue.

The addition of Brigitte the off tank, support, crowd control master, did provide a counter to dive but also created more problems. Tanks now often have to deal with huge amounts of crowd control even whilst protected behind shields.

xQc bombarded with constant crowd control making a tanks life in Overwatch miserable

A good example is of xQc an incredible tank, losing complete control due to constant crowd control. Blizzard have said they don’t like anything that takes control away from your hero, this simply isn’t the reality in Overwatch and has in fact only gotten worse with time.

To add salt to the wound a former pro and popular Twitch streamer Seagul has posted numerous tweets stating that ranked games come down to the flip of a coin and to paraphrase is not fun. Stylosa the man behind Unit Lost – Great British Gaming has said playing Overwatch which should be a fun time actually makes him not want to play. Although not a massive fan of Stylosa I do agree with this statement.

What do you think about the current state of Overwatch? What do you think could be done to change the current perceived issues?

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