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Destiny 2 creators Bungie leave Activision publishing contract and goes things alone

It isn’t often you hear about companies merging in the gaming world only to split off and go their own path once again. Bungie the studio behind the online loot shooter Destiny is doing just that. Now although not an actual merger, back in 2010 Bungie entered into a 10 year publishing deal with industry titan Activision Blizzard.

Blizzard is a company I have a lot of love for being a World of Warcraft player many years ago. However since Activision joined the picture, things changed for the worse. I know it is popular to hate on Activision, but I genuinely have a problem with their business model. Gaming is my passion not just amount at the bottom of my accounts.

Destiny 2 was one of the most hyped games of late 2017 that lost its fanbase just as fast

Not many companies get close to Activision and manage to split off, and do so successfully. Destiny 2 was one of the most hyped games of recent memory and very quickly lost favour with even long time fans and bad decision after bad decision, put the final nail in the coffin.

Taking into account the total failure of Destiny 2 and after so many years of PC gamers crying out for access to the Destiny brand. Bungie going it alone could be a beautiful move that will pay off down the line. It could also go just as badly as present, only without the connections and advantages a publishing contract with Activision brings.

I have been playing a lot of Warframe lately as a part of me yearns for a half decent MMO on PC, that isn’t WoW or Guild Wars 2. I would love to see a truly great Destiny title on PC, but also understand they will have to produce a lot of great content, simply to compete with Digital Extreme’s massively underrated MMO. What do you think will happen and do you think Bungie will be able to turn things around going it alone?

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