Ashe and her sidekick B.O.B now on the live Overwatch servers

Ashe on Route 66

Yesterday saw the addition of Overwatch’s latest damage hero, Ashe and her sidekick B.O.B. Ashe is a mobile and effective damage dealer at mid ranges. She will likely dominate in comparison to McCree and Soldier 76, both of which have been struggling in the current meta.

Breakdown of Ashe primary weapon, abilities and ultimate

The Viper

Her primary weapon is a Winchester styled rifle named the viper, which provides accurate and effective fire when aiming down sights. When hip firing, it is semi automatic, allowing you to lay down more firepower albeit less accurate.

Coach Gun

Another tool in her kit is called the coach gun, which is basically a sawn off shotgun. As with all the other shotguns in game it deals huge amount of damage up close. More importantly it provides a knock back effect, which can be used to get up above your enemies or even as an escape. Think Soldier’s rocket jump without taking damage.


The next bit of kit is going to separate the average players from the very best. Ashe can throw a stick of dynamite which explodes, and also burns enemies over a period of time. The skill comes into play as Ashe’s can fire at the dynamite mid air, setting it off early.


Lastly her ultimate ability is an Omnic named B.O.B. Not only will B.O.B charge in the direction you point him, knocking your enemies into the air and laying down fire. He can also receives buffs, and even cap a point.

After spending a very short period of time on the Public Test Server, Ashe is now available to play on the live game. It will be another 2 weeks before you have to face off with her in the competitive mode.

What do you think of Overwatch’s latest damage hero and how do you think she will affect the game/change the meta?


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