Activision says Destiny 2 Forsaken is underperforming More microtransactions incoming?

Destiny 2 Forsaken Underperforming

Although not surprising to gamers, but Activision is not happy regarding the sales performance of Destiny 2’s latest DLC the Forsaken. After all the drama and controversy surrounding Destiny 2, it isn’t surprising to me that this game is under-performing.

Rewind back to the D2 launch, and a huge percentage of the gaming community were super excited to get Destiny 2 on PC, myself included. It didn’t take long at all for things to start going wrong. Within the first month of release content creators started to raise concerns regarding the lack of an engaging end game. Once people had finished the campaign players didn’t really know what to do with their time.

Lack of content, XP throttling and adding a totally broken weapon destroying PVP

On top of a lack of content, players became aware of a hidden XP throttling system, locking of content already paid for, and then totally breaking PVP due to the Prometheus Lens. I really wanted Destiny 2 to succeed but after these underhanded tactics and essentially ignoring the community. I stopped playing Destiny 2 after a month and if I want the loot shooter experience Warframe is a far better game with endless possibilities.

More micro-transactions likely to be added to Destiny 2

I can’t see Activision just dropping Destiny 2 when it comes to making money so micro-transactions is likely to be the route they take. More micro-transactions is the last thing Destiny 2 needs but only time will tell.


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