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AAA studios, Loot Shooters and Warframe

Anthem has now been released, and gamers are rightly pointing out the lack of content, diversity and even some performance issues. After the Destiny 2 hype train, EA’s loot shooter came onto the scene fairly quietly in comparison. Content really is king in this genre. You need to keep players immersed in your world whilst rewarding and keeping the items/abilities balanced. When AAA studio/publishers venture into this genre we often see games which are basically empty shells. The game is likely well polished and has pretty graphics but under the surface they appear to be lacking.

Gamers are more sceptical than ever when it comes to buying games and trusting publishers and studios

Gamers are more sceptical when it comes to buying games and rightly so, after being burnt numerous times in the last few years. Jim Sterling and CleanPrinceGaming both released videos criticising Anthem and I have to say I agree with a lot of what they both had to say.
After Destiny 2 failed, I went looking for a new MMORPG/loot shooter to play. I remembered one of my Steam friends inviting me to come play Warframe a few years ago.

Warframe and the studio behind it, Digital Extremes nearly went under but their hard work and vision carried them through. The studio was on its last legs and needed a successful project. Warframe was that project but Warframe didn’t see instant success after launching. The studio kept on releasing updates fixing bugs, making quality of life changes and of course adding new content. As far as loot shooters go Warframe is the best experience I have had period. The amount of content is impressive and just recently they released a new open world DLC 100% free.

MMO’s often live and die when it comes to their communities

MMO’s often live and die when it comes to their communities. Warframe’s community is friendly and almost always willing to help. Even though there is a tutorial, it doesn’t quite explain everything. In fact, it barely touches the surface. Luckily the forums and game wiki have detailed articles explaining these mechanics. Check out the NoClip videos below telling the story of how Warframe came to be an actual game.

Forget paid loot shooters like Destiny 2 and Anthem, open up Steam search for Warframe and install. Why pay for an empty loot shooter and wait for EA to push out some more content with the sole aim of giving you just enough to keep playing. Warframe has been around for 5 years and already has an entire solar system including 2 DLC’s bringing two open worlds and all for free.

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