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13 million PUBG cheaters banned, New anti-cheat and map selection comes with update

Cheating is a major problem in gaming today. It doesn’t matter what anti-cheat systems are put in place, workarounds soon appear. If developers want to keep their games integrity in tact, combating cheaters is a never-ending battle.

PUBG has been battling with cheaters pretty much since the day of release. For over a year the PUBG dev team have been posting regular reports providing numbers of how many cheaters have banned. One Reddit user by the name of sjk045 dropped the numbers into an excel spreadsheet, and found the total to be a whopping 13 million players banned. A quick google search reports PUBG has sold 50 million copies thus far. When I saw these numbers I became interested in the % of accounts which have been banned. Can you believe that 26% of accounts sold have been perma banned.

Bluehole have just released an update which implements a new anti cheat system. At present it isn’t mandatory, you can choose to opt in. From the developer update post opting in will help refine the anti cheat service. I can’t help but think most people will choose to wait until they have no choice but to run it. There is also some reports of performance issues regarding the new anti cheat.

Some other things included in this update are map selection, a ranking system and automatic region sorting which aims to put an end to players taking advantage of lag. However the system doesn’t sound like it is working as intended. I doubt this is actually a working solution.

You can read the full patch notes on PUBG’s PC 1.0 Update #22 here

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