Fallout 76 will not be coming to Steam in a recent Bethesda announcement

Fallout 76 - Wont be on Steam

With all the hype surrounding Fallout 76, it is a horrible surprise to hear that the game won’t be available on Steam at launch. PC Gamer contacted Bethesda by email and a rep confirmed that PC gamers will have to use Bethesda’s own launcher.

Fallout 76 will not be coming to Steam at launch

Ok, Valve takes a cut of all sales, but it is also the biggest digital distribution platform in gaming. Bethesda has come out to say the reason behind avoiding Steam is to be able to directly serve their customers better. I’ve never heard that one before, but time will tell.

If this is a move to take control of the revenue only, shame on Bethesda!

What do I think the true reason behind this move is? Taking control of the revenue stream via micro-transactions and paid mods. This is the most obvious reason to me. I could be wrong and I hope I am. It would be great if they are going to suddenly offer next level customer support. This would be a great outcome for everyone, but let’s face it, chances are pretty much zero. Now if this is Bethesda’s long term plan they deserve to lose all those gamers who have remained loyal for years.

I hate to say it but I find myself writing so many articles that show the pure greed behind the companies making our games. Not all companies in the gaming space are the same but there are plenty that just want to make as much money as possible. The playerbase is often seen as a cash cow. Bethesda, prove us wrong, show us that you are doing this to better the experience and not money.

You can check out the FAQ regarding Fallout 76 Beta and launch here.

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