Steel Series QcK Gaming Mouse Mat Review

Steel Series QcK Gaming Mouse Mat - Slightly Folded Over

Buy from we will be taking a look at the Steel Series QcK mouse mat which has a smooth surface with a very fine texture which stops unnecessary slips while make quick movements. The underside has a rubbery texture which stops the mat from moving when in use.

Low friction, high grip base, easy to clean and durable

In 2018 mouse mats are often overlooked as mice sensors have come a long way. Gone are the days where you have to use a mat to have any quality of life. You can get away without using a mat at all today. I however wouldn’t wouldn’t advise doing so. Using a mouse mat vastly improves your gaming/general use experience.

Steel Series QcK Features:
Exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth for maximum control
• Optimized for low and high DPI movements
• Durable design
• Easy to clean and wash
• Base features non slip rubber texture/material to stop unwanted movements
• QcK is an ideal budget mouse mat for gamers of all skill levels
• 320x270x2mm

Steel Series QcK Gaming Mouse Mat - Full ImageBuy from

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