Razer DeathAdder Elite Chroma Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Deathadder Chroma Gaming Mouse

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The Deathadder is Razer’s iconic, simplistic gaming mouse that boasts a near perfect design and excels in FPS games. Originally releasing in 2006 it is impressive in 2018 its reputation is still solid. Next time you’re watching an eSports event keep an eye out for the Deathadder as you will surely see plenty being used by some of the worlds best gamers.

The Deathadder is so popular it carries a legendary status in the gaming world.

Using this mouse is a dream. It fits snug in my hand and has rubber grips on either side preventing any accidental slips when it really matters. Omron switches give a satisfying response letting you know that click registered. They also promote longevity at 50 million clicks.

High quality Omron switches provide a crisp satisfying feedback

I’ve been using the Deathadder Elite for nearly a year and have noticed a visible improvement in my tracking and overall accuracy. Muscle memory plays a substantial part but I’m almost certain changing over to the Deathadder plays a part too.

It has a hard plastic outer shell with a polished, smooth finish. Either side has a rubber strip which goes a long way in improving your grip when making fast movements. The scroll wheel has a rubber feel with raised dots again improving in overall grip.

If you already own a Razer product chances are you’re familar with the Synapse software. You can adjust everything from DPI (sensitivity), polling rate (refresh rate) and setting the additional buttons to an action of your choice. I found setting melee attack and social calls such as I need healing or similar to be the best bet. You can also customise the RBG/Chroma colours from with Synapse. The backend and scroll wheel can be made to show pretty much any colour you can imagine with a number of lighting effects.

16.8 million colours to choose from, fully customisable buttons using the Synapse software


Buy from Amazon.co.uk

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