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Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Buy from Amazon.co.ukThe Strafe is Corsair’s slimline, solid and well rounded mechanical gaming keyboard. The Strafe has authentic Cherry MX red switches which are an ideal pick for gaming as they have a low actuation force, thus allowing you to be more responsive in fast paced environments.

Authentic Cherry MX Switches which are an ideal pick for gaming

The Strafe has the standard QWERTY layout and you can reassign every key to perform a number of different functions such as macros, media controls (play, pause etc), launch applications, switch profiles and plenty more. One area the Strafe lacks is not having any dedicated media keys but as mentioned above, you can assign these elsewhere. I currently use the F1-10 keys for these actions.

The keycaps have a hard plastic feel with an added smoothness. You get two sets of alternative textured keycaps one for MOBA’s and the other for FPS and general gaming. The textured alternatives gives added grip and tangible feedback, telling you you’re hitting the right key.

Additional textured key caps for FPS and MOBA’s

This keyboard is fairly compact in comparison to other gaming models measuring 17.6 x 6.7 inches, it doesn’t feature a wrist support which saves space, but may be a negative if you need one.

The standard Strafe edition doesn’t have full RGB, instead your stuck with red backlighting. You can however select from a number of different patterns and effects. If RGB is a must you can fork out some more cash for the Strafe RGB edition, there are much better deals out there in this price range though.

A warning to MMORPG players the Strafe may not be suitable for your needs due to a lack of dedicated macro keys. You can assign macros to any of the standard keys but you may find you run out of viable places to use in MMO’s.

The biggest negative to buying this keyboard has to be Corsairs CUE software. Yes, it is an improvement over Corsair’s previous software editions, It is however rather complicated at first glance. You can reassign every key and even create profiles and link them to specific games. With only one colour and no dedicated macro keys, there is unlikely to be much use for this feature.

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Buy from Amazon.co.uk

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