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5 Free to Play Games worth playing in 2018

5 Free to Play Games worth playing in 2018

World of Tanks Promotional Image1. World of Tanks

World of Tanks puts you in amidst mid 20th century tank warfare. Over 300 tanks to unlock each with an upgrade path to work towards. Each tank has a crew which can be trained in a number of perks/skills, improving how effective you are in battle.

Although originally released in 2010 the developers are constantly adding new tanks and recently gave the engine a total overhaul, giving the game a fresh lick of paint.
World of Tanks runs a freemium business model. You can purchase a premium account which greatly speeds up progression and unlocking new tanks.

Click here to join/download World of Tanks

War Thunder Tank Fighting in Rubble2. War Thunder

War Thunder was initially an aviation combat game, but then later added tank warfare and naval combat. Whether your looking for air, sea or ground combat War Thunder has you covered. The graphics, sound and attention to detail are truly amazing.

Most play in the arcade battle mode, however if you like a challenge there is simulator and realistic battles, both of which will put you to the test.

War Thunder runs a freemium business model, you can purchase a premium account and tanks which speed up researching new tanks and upgrades.

Click here to sign up and download War Thunder

League of Legends - Champions in combat3. League of Legends

League of Legends aka LoL is a multiplayer online battle arena which pits teams of 5 against each other. At the beginning of each game you get to select a champion for that match. With over 300 to choose from there is a champ to fit every playstyle. Each champion has a unique set of abilities, including one ultimate. The aim of the game is to fight your way to the enemies base and destroy the nexus. Of course your enemy will be fighting back, defending their lanes. It will take skill, teamwork and a plan of action to come out on top.

You don’t have instant access to all 300 champions. Through playing you will be able to unlock them using blue essence (in game currency). If you don’t mind paying you can purchase Riot points, a premium currency and unlock any champion you want.

Click here to sign up and download League of Legends

Fortnite Battle Royale4. Fortnite

Chances are you already have Fortnite installed but no free to play games list would be complete without this title. Fortnite falls into the battle royale genre which drops 100 players onto an island filled with weapons and supplies. As time goes by the blue storm ushers players into a smaller and smaller playing circle, forcing intense battles. The aim of the game, to be the last man standing.

Unlike other battle royale games Fortnite adds a new layer of gameplay, that is building. Players have access to 3 building materials (wood, brick and metal) which are used to build quick cover or even extravagant towers to gain the height advantage.

Create a account and download Fortnite here

Warframe - Plains of Eidolon5. Warframe

Warframe is a free to play action loot shooter. You are part of an ancient creed of space ninjas known as the Tenno. Your Warframe comes with a set of abilities unique to that frame. There is a light story line to the game but storyline content isn’t what makes Warframe great. Your main aim will be to run missions, collecting materials and cards, which in turn allow you to upgrade and craft new frames and weapons.The true meat of this game lies in grinding materials to upgrade your weapons and Warframe.¬†Each Warframe has a unique set of abilities and thus playstyle. The missions can be completed in co-op mode with up to 4 players at once.

Upon its original release in 2013 Warframe was not received well by gamers. The developer didn’t give up hope and continued to support the game. They released a number of expansions, all of which are free, turning Warframe into a hit within its own right.

Sign up and download Warframe here


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