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Overwatch team Second Wind signs female player who turns out to be an imposter

Overwatch contenders is in the middle of yet another gender debate. Overwatch just like most other esports is at present a male dominated world. When it comes to esports, I do not care whether the player in question is male or female. I instead make my decisions based on their skill and ability to play at the top levels.

Second Wind a tier 2 professional Overwatch team announced they would be signing a female player simply known as “Ellie”. Once this information was public “Ellie” claims she was the subject of harrassment including threats to doxx her.

“The whole situation was meant to be, in a way, like a social experiment,”

This story is about to take a strange twist as Second Wind announced that “Ellie” is not who they originally claimed her to be. A twitter user by the name Arai tweeted that he was in fact Ellie on 4th January 2019.

A streamer by the name Aspen came out and spoke about the “Ellie” situation saying that Punisher is in fact the real player behind the gamer tag. She also commented saying “The whole situation was meant to be, in a way, like a social experiment,”. I have to say I am not quite sure what to make of all this. If this really was a social experiment it doesn’t seem to have achieved much. I would like to see more women playing games professionally, but I do not think stunts like this really do any good with that cause in mind. You can watch the Aspen clip talking about the Ellie account here

What do you think? Did this social experiment achieve anything good or was it in fact a waste of time that could be better spent improving esports.

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