Monday, September 28, 2020
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With so many games being released almost daily knowing which titles to buy can be a hard task. Here at Ask A Gamer we bring you honest reviews so your money will never be wasted.

Battlefield V – A Year One Honest Review

Battlefield V was, at the beginning of its life, a prime example of how not to release any game, let alone an AAA title...

War Thunder Ground Forces – An honest review

War Thunder Ground Forces puts you in the drivers seat of some the most iconic tanks starting with WW1 machines and going right up...

World of Tanks – An Honest Review

If rolling around in huge 150 tonnes steel beasts with massive guns duking it out is your kind of game, then World of Tanks...

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What issues do colourblind gamers face in 2020?

With around 4.5% of the world's population suffering some form of colour blindness it is probable that there is a fairly large section of...

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