Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Fortuna Orb Vallis Warframe

AAA studios, Loot Shooters and Warframe

Anthem has now been released, and gamers are rightly pointing out the lack of content, diversity and even some performance issues. After the Destiny 2 hype train, EA’s loot shooter came...
Epic Games Store now have a refund policy

Refunds added to Epic Games Store

With the mainstream success of Fortnite and the unreal engine Epic Games is in a good position to challenge Steam’s online marketplace. Not long ago the latest news was regarding the generous...
Destiny 2 Forsaken Titan Hammer

Destiny 2 creators Bungie leave Activision publishing contract and goes things alone

It isn’t often you hear about companies merging in the gaming world only to split off and go their own path once again. Bungie the studio behind the online loot shooter...
Overwatch team Second Wind signs female player who turns out to be an imposter

Overwatch team Second Wind signs female player who turns out to be an imposter

Overwatch contenders is in the middle of yet another gender debate. Overwatch just like most other esports is at present a male dominated world. When it comes to esports, I do...
World of Tanks Holiday Ops - 2019 Roadmap & Changes

World of Tanks address key areas for change in 2019 roadmap

World of Tanks is an amazing game with a high skill cap and plenty of depth. The issues lay in the freemium business model. You can purchase premium tanks, accounts and...

Product Reviews

What issues do colourblind gamers face in 2020?

With around 4.5% of the world's population suffering some form of colour blindness it is probable that there is a fairly large section of...

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